Concern over invasive mussel threat in the Okanagan

Global Okanagan – August 17, 2018

Some groups in Kelowna are concerned that not enough is being done to prevent the arrival and spread of invasive zebra and quagga mussels in the Okanagan.

While invasive mussels have infested Canadian lakes as far west as Manitoba, they’re not currently in B.C.

They’ve had a devastating impact on hydroelectric power, marine shipping, fishing and tourism industries in places that have been affected.

The federal government recently announced $100,000 over four years for research, plus another $500,000 over three years for education and outreach.

And while the funding is welcome, Kelowna’s Chamber of Commerce said more still needs to be done.

“There should be 24-hour checks on any border crossings,” said Carmen Sparg, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s president.

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