okww_screenshot2The Okanagan Basin Water Board’s communication tools and strategies are aimed at helping our audience understand water issues, and encouraging collaboration.

On-going efforts include:

and social media:

Facebook  Twitter  YouTube YouTube

as well as other communications, including:

  • Monthly board meetings and the monthly Board Report
  • Annual Meeting and release of our Annual Report
  • Presentations to local and senior governments
  • Stakeholder outreach (such as the Water Stewardship Council)
  • Development of water policy and legislation
  • Workshops and conferences for elected officials, government staff and other stakeholders
  • OBWB corporate website
  • Public outreach with presentations to groups and at community events, and outreach materials
  • News conferences and media releases

Learn more:

  • Watch videos on our YouTube channel.
  • See which Projects we’re working on.
  • Find Tools for Homeowners, Governments and Water Professionals.
  • Browse through our Library to find more materials.

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