Skepticism voiced over mussel eradication in Lake Winnipeg

Kelowna Capital News – June 24, 2014

The head of the Okanagan Basin Water Board is skeptical about the results of a potash treatment to eradicate zebra mussels from Lake Winnipeg.

CBC reported this week that Manitoba was “declaring victory in its first battle with invading zebra mussels,” having sealed off four harbours in mid-May and injected the water with potash to suffocate the shellfish.

“I don’t know the geography of those harbours, but the larva are very, very tiny and they are dispersed through the water, so I’m skeptical as to how applying potash in one harbour will take care of the problem for the lake as a whole,” said Anna Warwick Sears, executive director of the Okanagan Basin Water Board, whose background is in population biology.

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