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Drought level raised in the Okanagan as rain remains scarce – August 24, 2018 With seemingly interminable smoke swirling through the air, it’s easy to ignore the increase to the Okanagan region drought rating issued today by the provincial government but do so at your own risk. “It’s all

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Okanagan moves into drought level two as hot, dry summer continues

Global Okanagan – August 24, 2018 The Okanagan is now at a level-two drought rating, the provincial government announced on Friday. In response, the Okanagan Basin Water Board put out a drought bulletin, calling the announcement a precautionary measure. In part,

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Okanagan reaches Level 2 drought rating

Vernon Morning Star – August 24, 2018 The provincial government elevated the Okanagan to a Level 2 drought rating due to low flows in several important local streams. The province is encouraging everyone to use water wisely and ensure local

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Okanagan now on a level 2 drought rating

Kelowna Now – October 24, 2018 The Okanagan’s drought rating has increased. Weeks of hot, dry conditions have pushed the Okanagan to drought level two, according to the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB). This has fisheries scientists concerned about flows

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