Baseline Bio-inventory and Hydraulic Engineering for Dike Setback Design

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Mission Creek Restoration Initiative

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The 2015/16 Baseline Biological Inventory (BBI) work focused on spring bird surveys in order to fill information gaps identified during the 2014/15 project. This included species specific detection surveys, including nesting inventories. The field work was successfully completed, the data analyzed, and the BBI final report incorporating the 2015/16 survey results has been submitted and is available on the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative (MCRI) website.

The MCRI Demonstration Project engineered design work was initiated in 2014/15 through a partnership with UBCO (referred to as the Capstone Project), resulting in a draft engineered setback dike design. This preliminary draft of the engineered design was focused on the setback dike and associated flood protection requirements, in addition to generating benefits for aquatic and riparian habitats. In 2015/16, this design was reviewed by fish habitat restoration experts, and it was determined substantially higher fish habitat values could be achieved by focusing some restoration efforts on Mission Creek. This led to the development of fish habitat design components incorporating 4 meander notches with pools and overhead cover in the form of large woody debris along the south bank of the creek. These design components will provide increased rearing habitat for juvenile and adult rainbow, in addition to spawning kokanee, particularly during times of high water temperatures.

Another key component of this project was implementation of the engineered design. Project phases included: site survey to delineate the dike footprint; vegetation removal/salvage and re-planting within the expanded floodplain; soil stripping; application of the dike subgrade; dike construction (including compaction); dike sloping and contouring; and application of crushed rock on the dike surface to enhance walking/biking conditions.

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