Drought Tolerant Sod Replacement Program

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City of Kelowna

Project Description:

This project replaced existing Kentucky Bluegrass turf at two sites - one commercial and the other residential - with a new blend of drought tolerant turf that is supposed to use up to 50% less water than Kentucky Bluegrass. The two sites chosen were the H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre on Gordon Drive and a residential property on Maple Street in Kelowna. This H20 site was chosen due to its high-visibility location for local residents. As part of the new turf installation, two inches of topsoil were added to the lots. This project was part of the City of Kelowna’s larger efforts to reduce water consumption in their utility. The project demonstrates that the City is leading by example in reducing water consumption, a fact that is also supported by its numerous other projects in public parks and other City owned properties. The leadership in this regard has a valley-wide benefit as it not only sets an example for other local governments and water utilities, but also provides resources and expertise through collaboration with other organizations.

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