Habitat and Sediment Source Assessment on Peachland Creek

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District of Peachland

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The District of Peachland’s 2007 Water Master Plan identified Peachland Creek as the primary source of drinking water for Peachland. The water quality data for Peachland Creek that has been collected for the past several years near the District's drinking water intake is indicating a significant increase in turbidity during spring runoff. As a result, Peachland has been issuing a boil water advisory every year during this period. This project determined the nature of each sediment source. The source and sensitive habitat has been documented and located spatially, and it was determined if the sediment at a site is a result of natural processes or, as a result of human activity. For those sites that are human caused, recommendations have been made as to whose activities may have caused sediment to be delivered to the stream and therefore may be responsible for correcting the problem. Results have been summarized in a report that includes maps, a risk matrix and an action plan for remediation.

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