Kalamalka Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

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Okanagan College Vernon

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Following the completion of Phase 1 in 2012, Okanagan College Vernon Campus completed a second phase of works for their Demonstration Garden. For their 2013 project, they developed Phase 3 which saw the construction of several passive water harvesting techniques. Five curb cuts and rain gardens were designed and excavated, including plants, drain rock, and mulch materials. Gutters were installed for the outdoor classroom shelter, as were two large rain barrels and irrigation hoses as part of a rain water collection system. Four wicking beds were also installed, as was a xeriscape garden which was both designed and put in by Okanagan College. In this garden, both floppy sprinkler and drip irrigation options were installed to demonstrate water conservation. All of these options create a public space that displays water conservation techniques which are transferable to other communities and that the general public can implement in their own gardens. In addition, the project has been approached by the Welcoming Communities initiative to explore creating a multicultural component through signage and specialty crops. The garden is now open Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays when personnel are on site. 

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