Large Lot Xeriscape Manual

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West Bench Irrigation District

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The West Bench area of Penticton faces the potential for hazardous subsurface erosion due to the high silt content of the soils. This hazardous erosion can take the form of slumping bluffs as well as subsurface piping and can lead to a number of deleterious effects, including damage to homes, roads and other utilities. While a number of recommendations to prevent these hazards have been implemented on the West Bench at the regulatory level, the Westbench Irrigation District also identified that dry-land landscaping is beneficial, particularly for residents living near the edge of bluffs. Irrigation water added for lawns and gardening can be detrimental to geologic stability. In order to address these issues, a Large Lot Xeriscape Design Workshop, was held in November 2009. This was the first step toward education and was attended by a cross-section of West Bench residents, and industry and government representatives. The Manual, Xeriscape Design Concepts for Large Lots: Solutions to the Challenges of Landscaping on the West Bench, was designed as a compilation of the information, discussion, and findings of the full-day Workshop.

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