Leak Detection Survey

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City of Armstrong

Project Description:

A multi-year water conservation program was initiated by the City of Armstrong to include leak detection, universal metering, and a public education and feedback program. The leak detection component was the focus for this project. It began with preparation of a public information campaign including meetings with the Boards of each of the water districts.

Flow meters and data loggers were installed to enable simultaneous flow measurement of the Fortune Creek supply main and connections to each of the 6 water districts for a period of one week. The records collected were analysed with emphasis on low, overnight flows, with the objective of quantifying the data and comparing it to the historical average to assist is designing future programs. A field leak survey was carried out through which 11 leaks were detected – only 1 of which was in the older part of the system. The results were plotted on the City’s water distribution maps and the details of each leak were described in the project report. A repair program was then developed based on the estimated size of the leak, the risk of leaving it unrepaired, and the estimated cost of the repair.

This project will save scarce water resources as well as taxpayer’s dollars on treatment capacity, operational costs, and costs associated with emergency pipe repairs.

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