Munson Pond Park Naturalization

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Central Okanagan Land Trust

Project Description:

Munson Pond is centrally located on three legal parcels that were purchased by the City of Kelowna for a natural area park. The pond itself occupies approximately 3.8 hectares of the 9.8 site, and is surrounded by a non-continuous riparian strip of mature black cottonwood and water birch. At one time, this ecological community covered much of the Okanagan lowlands, but has been displaced by agriculture and urban development over the past 100 years. It is now a red listed (endangered) plant community that is ranked as one of the rarest in the province of BC.

This restoration and naturalization project has expanded the riparian area using a significant number (10,000) of indigenous plants of local genetics propagated specifically for this site. Beyond the riparian area, upland forest has been reestablished to create a fully functioning ecosystem supporting a variety of wildlife species including reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. The pond is also popular with local birders as a destination to view waterfowl.

Also included in this project is a trail encircling the pond (including an elevated walkway and a small footbridge), site signage and designation of the site as a ‘no dogs allowed’ park – enacted in order to help preserve the nesting integrity of the site for waterfowl and other bird species

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