Okanagan‐Similkameen Drought and Flood Risk Management and Mitigation Plan Phase 1 

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Regional District Okanagan Similkameen

Project Description:

The management and mitigation plan details the steps that the Regional District needs to follow in order to mitigate the risks caused by drought and flood. This first phase, year 1, focused on data gathering and production of a data base, report and presentation. These documents detail the gathered information on existing water sources and users, past droughts and floods with their impacts, factors that could reduce or intensify the local effects, and existing or required drought and flood protections. These results have been presented, at a forum hosted by the Regional District, to the Leadership Team and stakeholders.

The Regional District worked with a consultant to reach out to stakeholders for information and data for the project. The stakeholders included all local/regional governments and agencies, irrigationdistricts, outside LG’s, Fortis and BC Hydro, and local agricultural organizations/producers and agencies including the SOSCP. Information was gathered about water sources and users including water conservation plans and drought management plans, past droughts and floods and their impacts. As well, factors were identified that could serve to reduce or intensify the local effects of a drought or flood and existing drought and flood protections within the Regional District were identified (structural and non-structural). Finally, a gap analysis was provided detailing improvement needed for drought and flood protections (structural and non-structural).

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