Park Beautification and Water Conservation

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Okanagan Falls Parks and Recreation

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In an effort to conserve potable water, Okanagan Falls Parks & Recreation made some changes to their local parks. A new irrigation system was installed with fewer sprinkler heads that were set to run for a shorter amount of time. By also incorporating sensors to shut off the irrigation when it is raining, water consumption was significantly reduced. To further reduce their water needs, many of the gardens were replanted with native, drought tolerant plant species to provide a natural, healthy ecosystem where native insects and small wildlife would be able to flourish and naturally purge invasive plants from the area. Over time this will result in the added benefit of a reduction in maintenance as the need for chemical controls diminishes. To encourage future generations to think creatively about water conservation, the new gardens were used to provide awareness and education on xeriscaping to students through the OK Falls elementary school stewardship program. This project offers a realistic approach to water conservation without compromising park accessibility and aesthetics. To find out more about Okanagan Falls Parks visit: okfalls_parks

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