Phase 2 Groundwater Protection Plan

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Kelowna Joint Water Committee (KJWC)

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The Kelowna Joint Water Committee is comprised of the 5 major water purveyors contained within the City of Kelowna to work cooperatively on matters relating to demand management and water supply. The partners are: South East Kelowna Irrigation District, Black Mountain Irrigation District, Glenmore Ellison Irrigation District, Rutland Waterworks and the City of Kelowna.

Through this project, the Kelowna Joint Water Committee commissioned a study to determine well capture zones and aquifer characteristics including vulnerability of the aquifer to contamination from land use practices. The primary goal of the program was to eventually develop a hydrogeological model for management of groundwater in the area in conjunction with an aquifer and well head protection planning initiative to complement the knowledge of aquifer vulnerability.

The study delineated well capture zones, completed an inventory of contaminant chemicals and locations of concern for the wells in consideration and provided preliminary recommendations for going ahead with more in depth groundwater protection planning and risk management of the water supply these purveyors rely on.

The study includes maps and graphics on well capture zones, aquifer delineation and associated characteristics, and contaminant sites of concern. Through completing the report, it was discovered that erratic reporting of geothermal activity and private wells to the provincial agencies responsible for maintaining the well database increases the threat of potential contamination to the aquifer if wells are not drilled properly or maintained as they should be and they are not tracked.

The complete study report can be found here: Phase II Kelowna Joint Water Committee, Groundwater Protection Plan

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