Source to Tap Watershed Assessment of Penticton Creek

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City of Penticton

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The City of Penticton prepared the Penticton Creek Source Assessment Report in response to a requirement in their water system Operating Permit issued by the Interior Health Authority. Besides being a primary source of domestic and irrigation water for the City of Penticton, the multi-use Penticton Creek watershed is also a main contributor to Okanagan Lake. The goal of this assessment was to identify and evaluate existing and possible threats to, and vulnerabilities of, drinking water safety and sustainability in the watershed.

The area reviewed includes Greyback Mountain Lake as well as the sub-basins of Upper Greyback, Dennis Creek, Penticton Creek, Municipal Creek, Harris Creek, and Steward Creek.

In determining physical, biological, and chemical hazards within the assessment area, historic, current and potential future conditions were taken into account, after which all potential hazards were then summarized. This report is the first documentation that indicates the health of the Penticton Creek watershed and it will support planning and budget requests to mitigate the issues identified. The assessment provides up to date information for all stakeholders and allows a better understanding of the impacts their activities can have in regards to water supply, quality and general watershed health.

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