Water Conservation and Xeriscape Project

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City of Armstrong

Project Description:

This three-part program was designed to educate citizens about practical and sustainable water use and conservation.  The first part, a Xeriscape garden, was used to demonstrate to citizens that it is possible to have a nice looking garden without using too much water, all by choosing the right plants.  Brochures were made up, detailing the plants used, as well as where to look for more information.  An important aspect of this project was also the emphasis on proper irrigation. The second part of the program, a rain barrel rebate, was offered to promote the use of rain barrels as a viable source of water for use in irrigation.  This was done in partnership with Shepherd’s Home Hardware, and consisted of offering rebates to anyone who purchased a rain barrel from Shepherd’s who was either a City of Armstrong resident or a resident of one of the six water districts who receive their water through the City of Armstrong.The final part of the project was the promotion of water conservation.  Brochures were created, giving people tips on how to conserve water in and around the home.  A brochure was also created dealing with irrigation practices and principles.  These were then distributed through City Hall.  A workshop dealing with water conservation, held in the newly created Xeriscape garden outside of City Hall, was also planned.

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