Web-Based Irrigation Software

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District of Summerland

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This joint project between the District of Summerland and Greater Vernon Services resulted in the development of user friendly agriculture irrigation software that was integrated with the Agriculture Water Demand Model also produced that year as a separate project by the BC Agriculture Council. Created to be useful for both these purveyors and their irrigators, this tool allows for the identification of water overuse and the initiation of improvements in equipment and irrigation scheduling. Irrigation customers can log on to a secure website to enter their monthly meter reading, change land use and irrigation data, and generate water use reports in real time. Purveyor staff then review the data submitted and update the database information allowing trends to be monitored in planting and irrigation technology. This demand management tool can be used by purveyors, planners, and customers in the Okanagan Basin, and it has the potential to be used BC wide. To view the Agriculture Water Demand Model Report visit: Agric_Water_Demand_Model-Okanagan_Report.pdf

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