Landslide Mapping, Risk Assessment and Restoration Plans for Vernon Creek

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District of Lake Country

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The District of Lake Country hired a consultant to create a Landslide Mapping, Risk Assessment, and Restoration Planning report for Vernon Creek.  A Source Water Assessment of the Vernon Creek watershed, completed in 2010 by the DLC, identified current and/or future drinking water health hazard(s) and vulnerabilities. One of the primary findings was that landslides upstream of the DLC intake on Vernon Creek, pose a very high risk, if not the primary risk, to water quality and infrastructure at the intake. Elevated turbidity in raw water at the DLC intake on Vernon Creek is a frequent occurrence. For example, for 2008 and 2009, raw water quality at the DLC intake was unable to meet the water quality objective for turbidity more than twothirds of the time.  Previous landslide inventory and rehabilitation assessment work was completed in 1997. Subsequent measures undertaken to improve water quality have included landslide restoration work, and providing additional reservoir detention as a means of settling out suspended sediment prior to distribution. The new report maps landslide assessment areas with a GPS and outlines the priorities for future landslide restoration work at selected high risk sites.

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