Water Conservation Manual for Municipal Parks and Green Spaces

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City of Kelowna

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In 2007, City of Kelowna Water Utility staff were directed to reduce overall water consumption by 15% by the year 2012 as part of the Water Sustainability Action Plan. A study suggested that public parks departments are the biggest single customer for most urban water suppliers, so the City undertook several projects that were designed to help reduce water consumption in municipal parks and green spaces. With the 2012 deadline approaching, and several small projects due to be completed, staff decided to consolidate into a single document all of the work done to achieve water conservation over the past several years – the Water Conservation Manual for Municipal Parks and Green Spaces. The manual is a complete guide for water conservation in municipal parks that could be used by any community. It includes information on water efficient design and maintenance, landscape and irrigation system standards, metering, rates, data collection and analysis, and parks irrigation system assessments. Also included are suggestions on irrigation system maintenance and a product procurements policy that will encourage watering efficiency. Kelowna_Water_Conservation_for_green_spaces.pdf

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