Westbank Parks Irrigation Review and Metering Study

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Westbank Irrigation District

Project Description:

Following construction of the Powers Creek Water Treatment Plant, the Westbank Irrigation District (WID) implemented a comprehensive water conservation strategy comprised of three components:

1) the implementation of water sprinkling restrictions;

2) the introduction of a universal metering program (with metered water rate implementation following installation); and

3) the separation of agricultural water from the water treatment facility.

Despite a reduction in demand following the sprinkler regulations introduced in 2003, it became apparent that many public parks were not being irrigated in an efficient manner or in compliance with sprinkling policies. For their project, the WID identified and conducted irrigation reviews on 24 public parks in its service area. It was decided that these spaces required a review prior to the installation of water meters so that the meters were sized appropriately in order to ensure adequate performance as well as to minimize costs associated with the new metered water rate to be implemented in 2010. The sizing and appropriate layout for each park was determined and the irrigation equipment, water meters, and other necessary components were installed. During 2010 the irrigation of these parks was managed to conform to the WID sprinkling regulations and water consumption was measured on a monthly basis. This information was communicated to the District of West Kelowna (DWK) and the sprinkling practices adjusted to minimize water usage while ensuring that the parks could be utilized by the public as designed. DWK would become the authority of WID in 2011, so close cooperation between the two identities was essential in order to plan a professional parks irrigation system with the potential for future add-ons.

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