Computer Models for Okanagan Water


The Okanagan Water Supply & Demand project is based on best available science and data and provides a foundation of data and modeling, but in some cases the data was limited.

  • For example, the project relied heavily on modeled values for lake evaporation and groundwater.
  • Only one climate change model was used for the scenarios in this phase, and should not be considered a clear prediction of the future.

In the next phase of the project, the potential impacts of climate change will be explored more extensively.

This project is a scientific one and much of the data and models are targeted to expert users:

Go to the Okanagan Water Supply & Demand Viewer!

Compare demand and supply scenarios with the Viewer, which presents technical information in a user-friendly format

Together, these two models provide the opportunity to examine water alternatives – under a changing climate, a growing population, a changing agricultural land base, and increased water use efficiency.

The Okanagan Water Supply & Demand Viewer is designed to show information that might otherwise have become lost deep in technical reports and presents it in a user-friendly format.

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