Application Information & Forms

The Water Conservation and Quality Improvement (WCQI) grant program, as a component of the Water Management Initiative of the OBWB, is celebrating its fourteenth year.

  • Total available funding for 2020 is $350,000.
    New this year, the board recently approved a $50,000 increase in funding, bringing the total amount available to $350,000 for 2020.
  • The application deadline is Friday, February 28, 2020 at 4 PM Pacific time.

Please note:

  1. Funding will be allocated valley-wide, with a total pooled fund of $350,000.
  2. All applications require local government support – Download this Notice (PDF) to learn more.

Valley-Wide Funding
To encourage projects that are inter-jurisdictional in scope, enhance partnerships, and reflect the nature of our shared water in the valley, funding will be provided to projects with the most merit according to the OBWB board-approved scoring criteria, regardless of location.

Local Government Support
In past years, a formal resolution of support was required from a local government board or council. Local governments now have the flexibility to provide a letter of support that meets the following requirements:

  1. The letter must be signed by an officer (CAO, CO, or CFO) of the local government or the Mayor (municipality) or Chair (regional district); and
  2. The letter must be from the local government(s) with jurisdiction over the project area.

Click here to learn more (PDF) about the requirement for local government support.

Click to download the Program GuideEligible Projects
Each year the Water Board announces an annual theme, prioritizing funding for projects that address current issues or gaps. Applications that address the annual theme can receive up to 10 bonus points during the selection process.

This year, the OBWB is prioritizing collaborative projects that provide water benefits in large areas throughout the valley.  Projects that are partnerships between different organizations and span multiple jurisdictions are more likely to receive funding.

For more information on project scoring, please refer to section 3.7 of the WCQI Program Guide.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Local governments
  • Irrigation or improvement districts
  • Community and non-profit groups

Please find the Program Guide (PDF) and Application Form (Word).

We encourage interested applicants to view past recipients for the size and scope of previously funded projects prior to submitting an application.

For more information, please contact the Operations and Grants Manager at 250-469-6270 or [email protected].

(Click to download fillable Microsoft Word documents to your computer):